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Wtfe's message

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Wtfe's message

Post  Wtfe on Mon Jan 31, 2011 6:59 pm

I will no longer go on much due to massive training, school, job, girlfriend and just it's boring lol. You'll see me less then 5x a month don't worry. I might come back after a few months or so and come back with highly developed gfx skills. To all my friends and close friends(you know who you are), thanks for all the good times we've had, all the laughs we've had and all the trolling times we've had. I'd also like to say goodbye to the Llama Clan! Lorenzo will forever be in my heart and will always be boss in my mind. No matter what this clan has become, i'll always love this clan.

For all of those who wonder if I've played before this year, yes I have.
I've played before ECM was made, i've made alot of accounts but the one acc I remember in 03-04 was ,..K1ngz.of.n00bz.., Somethin' like that. I quit in 05 due to laggyness. I came back in 08. I've retired from Sab in 2010 and again in 2011 officially.
Some ppl may know my sister, Nikky who was here from along time ago. Ahhahh maybe Nessa(Princess) remembes her.

Anyways goodluck guys. FAREWELL <3


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